Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New purchases!

Yes, you read it right! I have downloaded a couple of e-books to enlighten my stay in Mallorca. I am going there tomorrow. Being alone for the first few days, I will enjoy the freedom to read most of the days. Having been busy lately with visitors, I have not been able to read as much as I would have liked. So, promise that there will be a few reviews coming up here.

So, what has inspired me to buy books again? First, having started to watch the BBC drama Poldark, based on the books by Winston Graham, I had to buy the first four books. I read the first two, when I was young (many years ago now, and quite forgotten, although I remember loving them). The first four are Ross, Demelza, Jeremy and Warleggan. I also found for free from Endeavour Press, To Be a Lady: Biography of Catherine Cookson by Cliff Goodwin. I remember reading a lot of her books as I was younger (!!don't worry, I am not going back to my childhood memories yet, although it might seem so).

Also found on YouTube a video about Desperate Romantics. Turns out to be a drama from some years back. It is about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, that is, three painters from the Victorian times who were changing the way of painting. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais and their wild, bohemian life, that made the scandals at the time. The book that it is based on is written by Frannie Moyle.

That should keep me busy, together with some other Endeavour Press books, which I have promised to review.

Path to the Silent Country by Lynn Reid Banks (about Charlotte Brontë)

Queens and Empresses of the Ancient World (from A(da) to Z(enobia) by Ingrid de Haas (sounds like it could be really interesting).

Richard III and the Princes in the Tower by A.J. Pollard (sounds like a must after my course on Richard III)

The Double Life of Jane Austen by Jane Aiken Hodge (a must again for an Austen lover).

The Empress of South America by Nigel Cawthorne (exciting it must be).

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald - An American Woman's Life by Linda Wagner-Martin (wanted to read about her for a long time. Fascinating woman married to a fascinated man).

These should keep me busy, or what do you think? Have you read any of them?

Looking forward to some quite days, reading in some of my favourite places.

My reading chair!

Looking towards this view!

Or why not on a bridge in Alcudia?

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