Friday, 27 February 2015

Me, Google+ and technicalities!

If you are already in my circles and I am in yours, and still you get a new request from me, please have patience. I am trying as best I can to organise things with my blog, myself and everything around me. The problem is, that the more I organise myself, the less organised I feel! I have now registered with so many 'tools' to help me in blog and life so I am totally confused. It takes time to learn how to use them, and I suppose I don't need five different type of calendars to keep me in order...or maybe I do?

Google+ to start with. I discovered that I had three different accounts, and the one I wanted to use was not used at all, because my circle for 'The Content Reader' was directed to somewhere else where there was no action.  Hopefully, now everything will be all right. Fingers crossed. I almost got a fit when I tried to log in to my blog after deleting the two Google+ pages, and it was not available because there was no Google+ profile. Well, luckily it was easily filled in and blog was back!

I found a web-site with 300 awesome free things to use for bloggers and other wild animals on the web! I probably downloaded half of them (just joking!). Some of them found their place under my bookmarks. Mostly for photoshopping photos without Photoshop and similar tools. Once going through them I deleted most of them. It always sounds so good, but of course it is not suitable for everyone. I think I have to downgrade to just the necessary things and try to learn how to use them.

My idea is also to try to improve the layout of my blog. What will happen there is still to be seen and might turn into nothing. All of a sudden I don't get an e-mail when someone leaves a comment, which makes it difficult to follow. I am not aware of doing any changes to the comments. Furthermore, old comments pop up automatically, when I publish a new post???? Strange things are happening.

So, if there is a little bit of turbulence around 'The Content Reader' in the near future, you know the reason. Maybe have to rename the blog into 'The Confused Blogger'!

Happy blogging all of you and I will soon be back with some more positive posts.

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