Monday, 16 February 2015

Future Learning - Richard III

I have enrolled in an on-line course with Future Learning at the University of Leicester. The theme is England in the Time of King Richard III . The course will explore 15th century England through archaeology, history and literature. You will also learn how people lived at the time. It also includes the discovery of his grave and the reburial that will take place in March. Just started today and since it is on-line it gives the participants an opportunity to exchange views and ideas. Just great. I still think you can enroll if you are interested (see link above).

Why Richard III? Well, it is a story where real life exceeds fiction. He has a very bad reputation to his name, and it is only recently that the research about his life and deeds has produced more diverse views. And you know what it is like sometimes when you hear a name or a place. Once you hear it, it keeps popping up all the time. With Richard III it started with Josephin Tey's The Daughter of Time. A detective trying to solve the riddle who murdered the princes in the Tower. You can read my review here.

Next, very exciting book was  The Search for Richard III - The King's Grave by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones. Philippa Langley was one of the initiators of finding the grave, and it is as exciting as any thriller. Michael Jones gives us the historic background to Richard III and Philippa Langley tells how the grave was finally found. My review here.

To add to this I was given the number for Richard III by William Shakespeare in the 'Classical Spin' with 'The Classic Club'. Unfortunately, I had no time to read it within the dead-line, but it is still here on my table. So 2015 will be the year I read my first Shakespeare play!

So you see, when a friend shared the information about this course, there was no way back!

While looking for pictures I found three pictures with a quote on the title of Josephine Tey's book. I always wondered why it was called The Daughter of Time. Well, it seems here is the answer in three versions!

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