Saturday, 28 February 2015

Book swapping - new books

Well, it seems I was too much into the problems with the Google+. I apologise to all of you who are pestered with my 'add to circles', probably too many times. Hopefully, now it works all right. So, I simply forgot to tell you what books I swapped. Here they are:

Sashenka by Sebastian Sebag Montefiore. I love his history books, I have two that I have not yet read about Stalin and Jerusalem. I read the book about Potemkin which is absolutely fascinating. Could just not stop reading.

Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs. I have read one of her books before, and I liked it very much. Of course I am a fan of Bones, and this series is based on Reichs' books. A must read that it.

Daughter of Fire by Barbara Erskine. This is one of these 'connected reading' book. I am now reading, hope to finish by tonight, a book about the Celts. this book there is a chapter on female queens of the Celts time, Cartimandua. Just when I am reading this book, I stumple upon this fictional book by Erskine. Fantastic!

Kristin Lavransdotter by Sigrid Undset is a classic which I have not yet read. So it is about time and I was really happy to find this book.

The Untouchable by Gerald Seymour rings a bell. I think I have read about this book on one of the many blogs I am following. Seems like a great suspense novel.

Looking forward to read these books one day. They are competing with all the other books on my TBR shelves!

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