Friday, 25 April 2014

Twilight in Italy

It has been a little bit quiet on this blog for a while. It is because I have been travelling. We went with friends to wonderful Tuscany in Italy over Easter, to enjoy the landscape, history, food, wine and culture. It is many years since we were there so it was really nice to come back. We flew to Pisa where a rented car took us south to the area of Montalcino. Yes, famous for the Brunello wines!

This is the square in Volterra
When my husband mentioned that we could pass by Volterra (where we never visited before) I realized that I also had a higher cause for this trip than just enjoying food and wine. That makes it necessary to confess that I am a fan of the Twilight books and movies! I resisted a long time to watch the first movie but when I did I was lost. Probably the romantic in me. Volterra, is the home to the Volturi, the ‘royal family’ of the vampires. As fans know, in the second book, New Moon, Edward goes there on his suicidal mission. It is beautifully filmed, starting with Alice’s drive in the yellow sports car through the Tuscan landscape. Continuing through the dwindling streets of Volterra, up towards the grand square. The procession, which takes place, with people in their red robes, is to celebrate that they got rid of the vampires many years ago. How little do they know? Bella gets out of the car to run the last steps up to the square, through the crowds, making a short cut over the fountain to save Edward from stepping out in the sunlight at the last moment!

So there we are, going up towards Volterra to trace the film location, when I read that the film was not shot there at all but in Montepulciano, which is another small, medieval town not far away. What a disappointment! But we are not here to fail in our efforts to locate the shooting places. Montepulciano is close to where we are staying so the next day we head up there. This is a very beautiful village, much nicer than Volterra, also with small alleys, dwindling, steep streets and the last bit up to the ‘Piazza Grande’ is very steep. Turning around the last corner, with quite a breath, I see right away that this is neither the place! There is no fountain! I spot a house, which could be the one, which Edward steps out of. Later it is confirmed, but it is not that obvious.

Here is the building where Edward
steps out of the door and you
see a close up of the clock
striking 12!
The building from
another angle
However, we know that making films is a magical business, and shootings are done in different location. So, we set out to find a square with a fountain! We are passing by most of the squares in the town, but no luck. We could just not find it. I have not had time yet, but I think I have to look on Google maps to find it! Once back home I had a quick look on these scenes from the movie and then I recognized right away the building with the clock the Edward steps out of. At least part of the mission fulfilled!

And... here it how it looks in the film! Part of it probably filmed in a studio? The left picture is from the movie and the buildings surrounding the square looks like the original 'Piazza Grande'.

More to come from Italy!

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