Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sedition by Katharine Grant

This will be a very short review. For the first time ever I think, I can not form an opinion about a book.
The summary of the book sounded good enough. Four fathers in 1794 England decides to arrange a concert with their 5 daughters in order to get them married. A pianoforte is bought (reluctantly for some reason from the maker) a French teacher is hired (although he is hired by the pianoforte maker to seduce the girl as well and then destroy them for future husbands). The harelipped daughter of the pianoforte maker wants to kill all the girls since she is in love with the teacher. One or two of the daughters have other plans. Does it sound confusing? Yes rather, but this is only the beginning. All characters are different this I have to give credit for, but it is still not very engaging. The sexy bits try to cover the whole spectrum of sexuality and it just becomes too much.

I am not able to see any reason for the persons behaving as they are. The story is unexpected here and there and takes different turns, but it could not engage me. Is there a message in the story? I don't really know. Possibly that young ladies at the time did not have a lot of choices, but the way they act does not seem very logic to me. Not that a story has to be logic, but one should at least be able to see why persons are acting as they do. It is all a total mess as far as I am concerned!

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