Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nobel Prize in Literature 2013 - Alice Munro

We are heading towards the end of the year. In Sweden this is the time of the Nobel Prizes. In October when the prizes are announced and on 10 December when the prizes are delivered the eyes of most of the world is turned on Sweden. This is all due to one man, Alfred Nobel (1833-1896). He was a chemist, engineer, innovator and armaments manufacturer. He held 350 different patents of which dynamite was the most famous. In his will most of his money went into the establishment of the Nobel Prize.

The receivers of the scientific prizes are mostly unknown to the general public, but we normally can engage ourselves a little bit more in the prizes for literature and peace (given out in Norway). Especially the prize in literature. Having said that, I think this is probably the most controversial one. To the general public it seems it is often given to writers you have never heard about. Ok, it is fine we are happy to try a new writer. But many of them - at least I think so - are very difficult to read and you have to struggle with the book and do you understand anything of what is written? Hmm... This year is different though. Alice Munro seems to be a reader we all can read and love. I have not read any of her short stories yet but this will be on my list for the near future. Please share your experience of having read her.

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