Friday, 18 October 2013

Book Beginnings on Fridays - New Challenge

I just joined this very interesting challenge. I love a good beginning of a book. The sentence(s) that capture you from page 1.

Anna's website:
For my first 'beginning' within this challenge I start with the book I am presently reading; A Rip in the Veil by Anna Belfrage. This is about time travelling which is not really my very favourite theme of a book or movie (although I loved Back to the Future) however this book is rather fascinating. It is about Alexandra Lind who suddenly disappears without a trace. She finds herself transferred to 1658 on the deserted moors of Scotland (same place as where she disappeared in). The transfer is rather violent and she is injured but is luckily found by a nice guy Matthew Graham. Although it turns out that this guy has run away from the gaol and there are soldiers all over the place to hunt them.

In parallel you follow the people she left behind. It turns out that there are more time travellers around and what about her mother who mysteriously disappeared three years ago? The questions are mounting. The story continues to run parallel with past and present. I am now half way through and it is an easy read and stories within the story pops up along the way. It is the first story of the Graham saga of which the third one came out recently.

Here the beginning

The radio died first. Halfway through Enrique Iglesias' Hero there was a burst of static and the display went black. The dashboard lights gave up one by one, the steering wheel locked, the engine coughed, and the BMW glided to a stop by a crossroads.

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