Monday, 19 April 2021

Classic Club Spin #26

The Classic Club Spin #26 took place yesterday and gave us # 11. For me, that number is Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. Since I do not have that book with me where I am now, I will take the next book on the list, which is The Wings of the Dove by Henry James. A favourite author and a book I wanted to read for some time, so please with that.

I hope you all got an interesting book as your number 11. Enjoy!


  1. Oh how wonderful for you. The book and the movie are wonderful experiences! I hope this prompts you to read DZ soon. The Wings of the Dove will be just as good but different :-)

    1. That's fantastic. I love Doctor Zhivago. As I love all Russian literature. And I also got one, Mikhail Bulgakov, "The Master and Margarita". I'm so excited.

      Happy Reading!

    2. I am quite pleased, although I have a feeling I might need more time for the doctor. Will start it when I get home. I love the movie and have seen it several times.
      I think The Wings of the Dove takes place in Venice. Always interesting to see a city you love from an author's point of view.
      Marianne, happy that you also got a Russian classic. I also have it on my list. Read it many years ago, but think I will have a different look at it today.

    3. I don't think it matters that much. They always give us a date so we have an aim but I doubt they can punish those in any way who don't make it in time. LOL

      So, enjoy the Doctor!