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Falling for Provence by Paulita Kincer

I have followed  An Accidental Blog by Paulita Kincer for some time. Always impressive when people really change their lives. Paulita and her husband sold what they had in the US and moved to France to fulfill a long-time dream. It has been interesting to follow in their footsteps. Paulita has written a new book, Falling for Provence, which I got the opportunity to read for an impartial review. It is the second book about Fia Jennings but can be read without having read the first one. You get hints of earlier adventures throughout the novel. 

I had imagined a non-fiction book about her and her husband's life in France. I was as far off as I could be. This is a romantic and suspense fiction novel. As you enter the story you arrive at a wonderful B&B in Provence. Fia Jennings is helping her aunt and uncle to care for the business, at the same time caring for her teenage twins. When Ali, an attractive professor checks in to the B&B Fia cannot help hoping for a few days of romance. 

Things are not what they seem to be though. Ali has other plans. As the story unfolds amid the backdrops of everyday life, Fia has to deal with her family, the business, the attractive professor, and her friend Christoph who suddenly turns up for a long weekend. Christoph and Fia have a history. And, what is the professor really up to? Common family problems are interfering with Fia's plans as she and Christoph try to find out what Ali is up to.  

For the suspense part, Paulita Kincer does not shy away from touching on important and difficult questions. The main theme in the suspense part of the book is a sensitive subject: to whom do historical artefacts belong? To the country where they were found or to the country who took them back with them? It is a tricky question and there is no easy answer. The way this part of the book unfolds is intricately written and is taken to a perfect, surprising ending. 

I really enjoyed this book. Paulita Kincer is very well balancing a story that plays out on different levels. We get a good glimpse of life in France, its traditions, and its people, as well as a mystery to solve. The characters are well-drawn, as are the surroundings of Provence and Paris. A well-written account of a short time in the life of Fia Jennings, her sorrows, worries, and happy moments. Touching on international history and European travel it makes for interesting, exciting, and varied reading. 

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Falling for Provence
Paulita Kincer
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Falling For Provence

(women’s fiction, romantic suspense, family life) Release date: June 5, 2020 at Oblique Press 245 pages Author’s page Goodreads


Running a French B&B isn’t all wine and smelly cheese, Fia Jennings discovers as she tries to create a new life for herself and a smooth path for her teenage twins, while not—absolutely not – falling into a new romance. But she didn’t anticipate a handsome stranger showing up on her doorstep and sucking her into an art caper with dangerous overtones. Can she make a new life in France or will she retreat to the States and her broken marriage?


Paulita Kincer

Paulita Kincer has an M.A. in journalism from American University. She and her husband moved to southern France in 2018. She teaches college English online and ESL to adorable Chinese children. Visit her website www.paulitakincer.com and her blog at http://www.paulita-ponderings.blogspot.com or follow her on Twitter @paulitakincer Instagram, or Pinterest Like her Facebook page at Paulita Kincer Writer.
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  1. wow, thanks for your superb review, I really like how you highlighted the strengths of the book. Emma at FBT

  2. I've been a Paulita reader too and enjoyed following her own story of her move to France. I'm pleased to hear her book is fun and delightful -- I expected it to be well written, as she is a lovely writer. But this sounds very good indeed!

  3. Lizbeth, Thanks so much for your review. I'm always happy when I can help readers escape to France with me. And thanks for your support over the years reading my blog.

  4. This sounds like a very interesting read that I would enjoy. Thank you!