Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Weekend bliss

I visited a friend of mine at her summer house in Mellbystrand, on the west coast of Sweden, this weekend. We have a wonderful time visiting a museum, walking on the beach, eating Thai food, watching the Eurovision Song Contest and a little bit of shopping. On our way back to Malmö on Sunday, we stopped by in Höganäs, which is a beautiful place on a small peninsula. There are several outlets to enjoy. We were late so could only go to Iitala's outlet. It is a Finnish glass company. I found a present for my niece who is taking her baccalaureate in June.

To my delight, or maybe not..., I found a Book Outlet! Yes! If there is anything I don't need it is more books. I did disciplin myself to three. One cook book about Detox. Always good to eat healthy and get inspired. A book about the 100 coolest places in Skåne (Scania, the province where I am living), and last but not least a historical fiction about composer George Friedrich Händel. I just can't resist such books. It is by a Swedish author, Carl Michael Edenberg and called (in my translation) My Cruel Destiny (Mitt grymma öde).


  1. Oh, dear! A book outlet! I think you are very disciplined and don't think I would have been nearly so! The Handel particularly interests me and I'll be curious what you think of it.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. You left me the nicest comments and THAT left with with the biggest smile!

    1. Yes, I surprise myself from time to time. There has come a few other books my way since then. They are now occupying my reading chair, since the bookcases are full. My son just asked me if I don't use the reading chair. Not for the moment, I said.