Monday, 20 May 2019

Bookmark Monday

This meme is hosted by Guiltless Reading. This week's bookmarks come from the museum of Märta Måås-Fjetterstöm. She is an artist/designer and founded a studio for weaving carpets. They are very famous and very expensive. In the archives they have around one thousand original designs and cartoons, which dates back to 1919. There are still Artisan Weavers today who continue the production. When you come in to the museum, they display second hand carpets for sale for half the original price. I saw a very nice blue carpet. I could have it for 35.000€! Well, we have to continue looking for carpets.

I bought three bookmarks, although I am not sure they have anything to do with the lady herself. It could be from her drawings, but it is not clear from the bookmarks. It was nevertheless, a wonderful museum with beautiful carpets. Since I am totally hopeless with anything to do with sewing, weaving or similar arts, I am full of admiration for people who can create such beautiful art.

I could not help buying a dish cloth with a wise quote on it. "The future depends on the creativity of the present". How true and what a good quote to look at from time to time. Like when you are cleaning your kitchen!

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