Paris in July 2018

One of my favourite memes or challenges is back. Tamara at Thyme for Tea is hosting another year of Paris in July. Reading her post finally got me out of my hibernation (due to moving and a lot of other things to do). I just love everything about it. It is so interesting to read other participants relationship with Paris and everything French. It is a variety of posts on a variety of subjects. Anything that reminds you of Paris and France.

The rules are simple as Tamara says: Just blog about anything French. Here are some guidelines on the way.

  • reading a French themed book - fiction or non-fiction
  • watching a French movie
  • listening to French music
  • cooking French food
  • experiencing French, art, architecture and travel
For more instructions how to share your posts go to Thyme for Tea.

My own participation will go along the following lines:
  • I would like to finalise Nana by Émile Zola which I started last year or even the year before, but did not finish. It goes well with my newly purchase of The Disappearance of Émile Zola by Michael Rosen. Review of both will follow.
  • There are several interesting French TV series/movies on Netflix. I will look at some of them.
  • French music is also interesting. I will see what I can find that is appealing to me. 
  • I will arrange a French dinner in July with friends. 
  • Maybe look a little bit more into French art and architecture and be inspired for a post about that.

Well, lets see what Paris in July will bring. There is also all the inspiration from other participants.

Thank you very much Tamara for hosting another year!


  1. Your list of French-themed activities and posts is ambitious! I'm not a planner, but hope to think of at least a few.
    best... mae at

    1. Looking forward to see what you come up with. That is one of the great charms with this challenge. There are som many different interests and inspiration.

  2. I look forward to Paris in July every year and am eager to participate. You remind me -- I'd better get busy!

  3. Lisbeth, I love this button... i think its one of my favourites. Can i use it too? Im looking forward to this year. Ive given myself permission to get lost in blogging land for the month before i go back to uni. Thanks for joining in again. I might even join you on the Zola journey.

    1. Thank you! Yes, please use it. As ever looking forward to blog and read other blogger's posts on Paris in July. I have started the non fiction book on Zola and hope to read Nana in parallell.

  4. Oh, I would love to use your button when I post. Would that be OK? It's just gorgeous!

    I'll have my first post ready July 1!

    1. Thank you Jeanie. I am happy if you want to use it! Looking forward to your posts.

  5. I loved Nana - it was my first Zola - I'm now a convert and try to read a Zola a year.
    Can you suggest any good French TV series/movies that i should look out for ?

    1. I have recently read Thérèse Raquin and liked it. I am more struggling with Nana but is determined to finish it during July.
      I have seen two French TV-series on netflix that I liked; 'Marseille' with Gerard Depardieu and 'The Frozen Dead', a crimi. I saw some years ago the film 'The Intouchables' which is great. I also enjoyed the TV-series on Coco Chanel's life.

  6. Sounds delightful Lisbeth.. can't wait to hear more...
    And do add your posts to our instagram page using #parisinjuly2018
    If you tweet, use same tag to build the collection with participants.. Merci !

  7. Very glad to be once again participating. I have a post in works today on a story by Blume Lempel, who lived in Paris until growing anti-Semitic events motivated her and her husband to move to America, “A Yiddish Poet in Paris”. I also designed my own header, Two in fact. This is one of my favourite book Blog events. Thanks

  8. Your button is gorgeous and I appreciate the reminder about Paris in July. I'm a bit late, but that's because my new life in France is so hectic with fetes and friends. My first time living in France in July since 1985!

    1. Thank you! I follow your struggle to get used to life in France. It is not easy adapt to another country. I have lived - although temporarily - in several countries, and you just have to start all over finding out how things work. But it is also part of the joy. Good luck!


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