Saturday, 23 December 2017

Advent Calendar, box no.23 - Best books of the year

In the end of the year we always look back on the year that has been. Not only when it comes to books, but life in general. I am preparing my statistics for the year, but I thought I will reveal, on this day before Christmas, the books I like best during the year.

I have enjoyed most of the books I have read, but for the really best, I have limited the number to three. All of them new authors to me. All of them have been on my TBR shelves for some years. I just wonder why?

J.P. Hartley - The Go-Between - a wonderful book about a young boys experience in his teens. Being the messenger for a couple in love and all the consequences it led to.

Iain Pears - The Dream of Scipio - a great book which has parallel stories and how history never changes.

Thomas Mann - The Buddenbrooks - his masterpiece and a fantastic family saga written in unforgettable prose. You are right there with the family.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas! Tomorrow we travel to my parents and the real Christmas feeling.

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