Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Advent Calendar, box no 20 - A very grey day

Today was really a very, grey day here in Sweden. We did go out for a walk on the beach in the SW of Sweden. However, there was a constant drizzle and in the end we were rather wet (not having the perfect clothes for this weather) so turned around. It felt good though, even if we were a little bit cold afterwords.

That was all taken care of by going to the spa for a swim, jacuzzi and various saunas. Lovely, and you feel really relaxed afterwords. My husband (who hardly ever cooks) has been inspired of all the fish and sea food available here in Malmö, and have produced a dinner with crab and arctic char and today lobster! Well, it almost sounds like Christmas in another part of the world!

I am still reading the "Duktiga flickors revansch" by Birgitta Ohlsson and it is really good. A lot of things to think about how women have to compete in a male world. Review will come.

Wish you a wonderful Wednesday evening and talk to you tomorrow!

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