Sunday, 27 August 2017

Maigret Mystified by Georges Simenon

I have lately read som reviews of Maigret books. I remember the TV-series from when I was very young and I really liked them. The books never came my way though, and when I found one in a second hand shop, I quickly grabbed it.

This mystery was first published in 1932. Although the writing is old, it does not feel old fashioned. I quite enjoyed the story and the way he was solving the crime.

An industrialist, Raymond Couchet is shot dead in his office one evening. The office is situated in an apartment building, so more or less all of the people in the building are suspects. They are a bunch of extraordinary individuals, so it takes a sharp brain to disentangle the web.

At the murder scene he meets Couchet's mistress Nine who came to look for him when he did not turn up for their dinner. In the building lives Couchet's first wife and her new husband. Next to the room in the hotel where Nine stays, Couchet's son Roger (with his ex-wife) is lodging with his mistress. The second wife is waiting for the inheritance. And then there are those mad women peaking about the corridors. Not to talk about the ever present concierge who knows everything that is happening in the building.

Much to consider, but Maigret approaches the crime in his calm, collective manner and with a few questions here and there, follow up of leads he manages to solve the crime.

It is an easily read, rather thin book. In all its simplicity the culprit still eluded me to the very end. That always makes for a good read.


  1. Hello, Lisbeth! Back from Quebec and time to catch up! I've not read Maigret yet and I love mysteries so of course he's on my list. They now have a new series of editions here in the states at a reasonable price, so no excuses. Thanks for the reminder and the review. Nice to know that though they are "old" the writing holds up well.

    1. They are easy reads, so suitable on the go or when you have some time over. Enjoy!

  2. I'm wishing I brought the other Maigret I have on my TBR pile away with me on holidays. He would have been perfect for the plane trip.

    I've struck out with the first 2 books I've tried. Thank goodness I brought a Jane Austen with as a sure fire winner!

    1. Maigret is perfect for lazy summer days! Jane Austen is always a way out. It is tough when you are travelling and you have carried the books with you. Almost feel obliged to read them. That is the good thing with an e-reader.