Thursday, 10 August 2017

Checking in from Iceland

It has been far too quiet on this blog the last couple of weeks, which is because we have been touring Iceland. We have been camping and driving around the whole island. I thought there would be time to read a lot (I did download extra e-books just for the occasion), but we had full days from morning to late evening. I did read a short Icelandic saga The Saga of Egil and a big part of Williams Boyd's Brazzaville Beach. That was it.


The reason being that Iceland had so much to show and we had a great time. Our son is studying geology, so he had prepared an itinerary that was very ambitious. We drove around most of the island, camped and saw so many spectacular things. Iceland is fantastic, magic and blessed with most of the wonders of nature. It was one of my best trips ever.


This is just to say that I am back in rainy Brussels and will catch up with you, to see what you have been up to this summer. See you soon!


  1. I hope you post more pics of Iceland - it looks stunning. I cannot imagine that I will ever make it to Iceland from Australia, but one should never say never!

    One of my favourite local ABC radio personalities has a new book coming out about his recent time in Iceland, though, that you be interested in -

  2. There will be more picture and it really is a stunning country. The nature is magical. Thank you for the book tip. Sounds interesting and I have put it on my to read list. Exactly the kind of books I love. Especially interesting to read when you have been there. Unfortunately, we did not do a lot of 'cultural' travelling. Mostly natural wonders. But I visited the Saga museum and a post about that will come.