Sunday, 19 March 2017

Books in marble

Last weekend we took the car and drove over to Namur. There is an old Citadel which casts its shadow over the city. The old city is small and quite nice, and we took a stroll through the narrow streets. Passing by the church of Saint-Loup we ventured inside for a look. A beautiful church with a row of confession boots on each side along the church, beautifully carved and art pieces in themselves. Furthermore, there was an exhibition of a Russian artist, Aidan Salakhova.

In the information sheet I read: "Her sculptures in the Église Saint-Loup continue the overarching theme of "Vices and Virtues", questioning how religions take account of the flesh or whether they deny it. How the female body is stigmatised as a symbol of temptation or modesty and how it can be protected. Her work addresses the taboos of our society, particularly those relating to desire and sexuality."

What attracted me specifically were the marble books she had created:
"Another dialogue is established between the eight confessionals and the white marble books placed on the platform. Like the enclosed surroundings of a confessional, a private space is created for each individual, whether through the acts of reading and gaining knowledge or of revealing their inner life.

The book's pages bring to mind both the folds in a veil and a ploughed field: the parchment of life. Her works are open books on a range of symbolism: white and black, dag and night, darkness and light, a cosmic well, the cubic form of the Kaaba or Malevitch's Black Square and symmetry breaking."

Books, in whatever disguise, holds a spell on me!

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