Sunday, 5 March 2017

Book sale continued!

There are still a couple of books that I bought on the book sale.  Unfortunately, I had to leave most of them in Sweden since I only had hand luggage going back. But, it means something nice will await me next time I go.

I bought three cook books. I love reading cook books and of course also trying the recipes. About one and a half year ago, I change my way of eating. I am now doing the LCHF, low carb, high fat regime. It works very well with me. I have lost 10 kg, my problematic stomach is better than ever, and it all makes we very happy. It keeps you stomach full, you are seldom hungry and you get to eat a lot of great recipes. Most of the time they are very easy to cook and it cooks fast.  For me? A win-win situation.

LCHF 2.0 is by Åse Falkman Fredrikson and Anna Hallén Buitenhuis which looks great. I follow Åse on her life stile blog 56 kilo. She also provides a lot of great recipes on-line, and I often use them for dinner.

Annikas Paleokök by Annika Sjöö. Paleo food is that kind of food we ate when we still lived in caves. It looks interesting and contains yummie recipes. Eager to try! It also goes well with LCHF.

I have decided to go into to yoga, so what would be better than to buy a book about Yoga food? Can't go wrong there I think. I also bought All About Yoga by Kerstin Linnartz which I started reading. Seems interesting with a guide to yoga itself and exercises to go with it. Unfortunately, I forgot it in Sweden, so here I am, no yoga. Maybe, I can find something on youtube in the meantime.

The last four books are for the well-being of the mind. Längtan visar vägen (Yearning Shows the Way, my translationby Patricia Tudor-Sandahl are reflections on life and can hopefully show you which way to go. Omgiven av idioter (Surrounded by idiots, my translation) by Thomas Eriksson seems to be a humorous book on how we interpret what people around us are saying. 365 days by Anders Bergman and Emilie Perland contains diary entries from various people from all over the world. I seems like a good idea to see what people did on this day, 200 years ago. Entries are from various times. Breakfast reading?

I am very happy for the variety of the books that I found. Something there for any day and any mood!

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