Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday bliss and a new reading corner

I am, once again, in Sweden to fix a few things in our flat. Martin and me have spent the last week to fix outstanding things in the flat, mainly buying some new furniture. We are awaiting our last buys tomorrow; a TV bench and a buffet, both in the same modern style. I have also found a nice, comfortable reading chair with foot pall to go into my library, which is in the corner of the living room. The outlook from the chair is through the balcony door over the lime stone quarry ahead. A lovely view that extends into eternity!

My reading chair with a sheep skin for warmth!
After all the work we decided to take the weekend off. Saturday came with heavy winds and rain and we were not too eager to venture outside. However, I went to the spa area that belongs to our residence, and spent a couple of hours reading (yes actually, finally!) and dosing off in the sun that shone through the big windows. Then a tour to the hamam and a swim in the pool. Absolutely wonderful. In the evening we went to have a look at our son who was playing a padel tournament nearby. Spent four hours on a Saturday evening looking at his games. Very exciting and it went rather well.
Padel tournament in Malmö
Sunday came with wonderful, autumn sunny weather. We took the car and went about half an hour to the Torup castle which is surrounded by a wonderful beech forrest. We walked around on different paths, for hours. It was so beautiful with the sun shining through the red and yellow leaves. A stunning day.

Beech forest in Torup

Yddinge lake

Passing by a golf course
As for the reading I am still on the fifth book in the Poldark series, but hope to finish it before the end of the month! I have also started on a Swedish book, Färjan, (The Ferry) while I am here. It is about strange things happening on one of the ferries that go between Stockholm and Helsinki. As a matter of fact, I am going early to bed to read and slowly fall asleep after this day full of exercise and sun! Hope you also had a nice weekend with a lot of fresh air and reading!


  1. It looks like you're settling in quite well, Lisbeth. That's a lovely reading corner and the view sounds inspiring.

    I really love seeing the beech forest and comparing it to what I know of different areas of Canada. It's beautiful - the leaves are so delicate!

    1. Thank you Debbie. I feel quite calm now, that I have this place to enjoy books in. I think that Canada and Sweden are very much alike in many things; both the people and the landscape. It is many years since we had such a lovely autumn as this year. One can really enjoy the vibrant colours and the nice days with fresh air.

  2. Your day sounds like a great deal of fun. I had to google 'padel' as I am not familiar with that term and also the lake to see where it is. Love learning new words and about new places. Enjoy the rest of your week. (PS- we never get to use the sheepskins in our house, the dogs all steal them).

    1. Haha, the hazard of having dogs! They are really lovely (both the skins and the dogs!). It is always good to learn new words, and about new areas of the world. This is one of the lovely things with having blogging friends from all over the world! Enjoy your autumn which is probably warmer than ours.