Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Poldark series by Winston Graham

Many years ago I read the first books in this series and really loved it. I don't know why I did not continue to read the following books, but alas did not. However, waiting for the first season of the new BBC Poldark tv-series, I read the first four Poldark books in a row. Difficult to stop!

Whatever BBC does, it does very well. The Poldark series are no exception. Absolutely fantastic! Wonderful actors, wonderful scenery and a wonderful script that follows the books very well. The absolute highlight is of course Aidan Turner as Poldark. You can just not think of anyone else who would do the part so well. The other actors are also perfectly cast and it makes it the top adaption it is.

I am now watching the second season (I think they do two books per season) and it gets better and better. To prepare myself for the third season which seems to be on the way, I have bought the next three books in the series; The Black Moon, The Four Swans and The Angry Tide. I am more than half through The Black Moon and it does not disappoint. I am curious to see if Winston Graham can keep up the saga, since it was written over quite a long time period. There are 12 books in the series and the first one, Poldark was published in 1945, and the last one Bella Poldark in 2002. The saga covers the period from 1783 - 1820. I just love a well written family saga. Don't you?

Winston Graham with the books
in the Poldark family saga


  1. I remember the first BBC Poldark series with Robin Ellis, who remains my favorite Poldark, although there is nothing wrong with Aidan Turner! I, too, have read some of the books and think it is time to reacquaint myself with them. Glad to hear there is a third series. We are a few episodes into series two here in the states.

    1. I Jeanie, it seems the Robin Ellis version was very popular. Of course now when you see it, it looks old fashioned, picture quality an all. Much have changed. I would like to see this version as well, but for now this new version is the leading one.
      I am watching on BBC and also a few episodes into the second one. Getting tense. Enjoy!