Saturday, 9 July 2016

Two books came my way

I am in Sweden and being busy with helping my son moving into his new flat. A visit to IKEA solves a lot of the problems with the furniture. I am totally exhausted after a couple of days running around shops and buying furniture. And coming home, you have to put them all together. Luckily, my husband and son did most of it!

Now I am one week at my parents and enjoying a little bit of rest. June has been very busy, travelling here and there and having had visitors. It looks like it will continue through the rest of the summer. Will probably not have time to read as much as I would like, but I will do my very best.

Visiting the bank the other day, a real treat was waiting. On the floor in the visitor’s corner there was a waste basket full with pocket books. Three different ones which was free to grab! I took two of them; Jenny S by Denise Rudberg. She is a Swedish writer, writing in the genre ’chick elegance’, whatever that means. She has got good reviews and I always wanted to read something by her. Well, here is my chance!

The other book is Peter Robinson’s Playing With Fire. I read Strange Affairs by him last summer when I was here. I liked it, so looking forward to read another one by him.

I found a few more books in a second hand shop the other day. More about them later.


  1. It is fun to be busy with things but frustrating when you can't find time to read or relax for awhile. Nice to be in Sweden though ����

    1. It was, and more trips will come this summer. The thing is, when you come back home, there are a lot of things to catch up. But I should not complain, it is a wonderful life!