Friday, 8 July 2016

Mount TBR Mountaineering CHECKPOINT #2

Time for a half year check-up on the Mount TBR Mountaineering for 2016. My Reader's Block is
hosting this breath taking exercise up various mountains. Luckily, we only have to reach to the highest shelf on our book cases! I aimed high, Mount Everest with 100 books. My husband, who have been to the Everest base camp, wants me to join him at his next trip! I have so far refused and will probably not make it. It seems easier to reach the mountain through this challenge! Here a re-cap of my efforts.

Tell us how many miles you've made it up your mountain.

I have read 27 books so far, which means I have reached Mont Blanc. I am quite happy with that, although I have to speed up a little bit to achieve 100 books this year. Having made it to the top of Mont Blanc, I have started the ascent of Mt Vancouver. It is 4,812 metres to the top and so far I am on 1.203 metres, so one fourth up the mountain. Looking forward reaching the top!

My Life According to Books

1. My Ex is/was Our Man in Havanna
2. My best friend is The German Woman
3. Lately, at work (I dealt with) The Aspern Papers
4. If I won the lottery (I'd go on) Travels With my Aunt
5. My fashion sense (tells me to adapt) The life-changing magic of tidying
6. My next ride (will take me to) The Prague Cemetery
7. The one I love is The Other Rembrandt
8. If I ruled the world, everyone would (have) The Dinner
9. When I look out my window, I see The Road
10. The best things in life are  Habitaciones cerradas

Looking forward to the next check up! Thank you Bev for the wonderful, challenging check-ups. I love them.


  1. Oh my greatness - what an awesome idea! Please just don't die up there... If you do, at least it's surrounded by books. I will save this post of yours as I would love to look into that challenge. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier on!

  2. It is a great challenge, and I love it. It makes it more interesting to try to figure out how high up you are! I also enjoy the questions that Bev puts forward for each check-up. Always enjoying visiting fellow bloggers. Thanks for visiting and letting me discover a new blog.

  3. Thanks so much for checking in! Enjoyed reading your title fill-ins.

  4. Thanks. It is always a little bit of a sport to be able to find something. Makes great fun!