Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Food Pharmacy and Food - Your Miracle Medicine by Jean Carper

I received these two books as a birthday present from my husband a year ago. I was not over
enthusiastic at the time, but they have grown on me. It might not be something you read from cover to back, but they make an excellent reading on eating healthy and use food instead of medicines. That does not mean that we can stop taking our medicines, but we can definitely increase our awareness of eating healthy food.

Healthy food is a big issue these days. I suppose we are all more or less affected by it. In the Food Pharmacy, Jean Carper tells us how food can fight disease. Here some examples; Onions for the heart, Barley, Oats, and the Vegetarian Secret, Chili Peppers' Yin-Yang Therapy, The Cabbage - Cancer Connection and how nuts and seeds may help, the cranberry's strange antibiotic, wine, tea, and marvellous phenols, yogurt tales and much more. There is also a list with a lot of fruit, vegetables and other products and their beneficiary uses. This part you can use as an encyclopedia.

The Food - Your Miracle Medicine is more a list of food that can prevent diseases and she mentions; cardiovascular system, digestive system, common theories of food's healing powers, infections, breathing problems, joint and bone problems and much more.

In the old days that was all that was available for us. The use of plants in the past makes me think of two ladies in two books in general;  Ayla in  The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. Excellent book which I really loved when I read it ages ago. You can say that Ayla (I think that was her name) was somewhat ahead of her time, but it made a beautiful story. The other one is Claire in Outlander. Having been a nurse during the second world war, she already had some notion of medicine. Before she was transferred back to 18th century Scotland, she had also taken an interest in the healing powers of herbs and plants. That came in handy indeed, during her adventures in the past.

I find the whole thing rather interesting and in 2015, I will try to eat more healthy, do more exercises and hopefully feel much better. A lot of more blogging will also improve my general health, of this I am sure! That is all thanks to you fellow bloggers! Thank you all for being there and for a healthy 2015!

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