Thursday, 8 January 2015

Reading year 2014 - closing up

It is time to sum up the reading year 2014. 2013 was the first year I really went for a more determined reading. It was also the year I started really blogging, which was great.  2014 continued with more exchanges with the blogging community, getting to know people out there and be inspired for new reading ventures.

In 2013 I read 108 books, and last year  91. A little bit less than expected, but a lot of other things took precedence from time to time. Here some statistics from the year. The books I have read you find under the ‘Read’ label (click on year 2014).

Comparing with 2013 there has been a shift toward other types of books. I have used the same categories, that is; Non-fiction, Series, Mystery/Thrillers, Classics, Historical fiction, and Other fiction.

Number of books in each category (2013 in parenthesis):

Non-fiction - 28 (18)
Series - 6 (30)
Mystery/Thrillers - 10 (7)
Classics - 10 (14)
Historical fiction - 17 (8)
Other fiction - 20 (31)

a total of 91 books

Percentage of each category

Non-fiction - 31% (18%)
Series - 7% (28%)
Mystery/Thrillers - 11% (6%)
Classics - 11% (13%)
Historical fiction - 18% (8%)
Other fiction - 22% (29%)

Number of books from different country/languages (English books are from all the English speaking world).

English speaking world - 69
Sweden - 16
France - 3
Denmark - 1
Russia - 1
Germany - 1

Favourite books in each category


The Search for Richard III The King's Grave by Philippa Langle and Michael Jones and
The Hare with the Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal (sorry, have to take two here).




The Daughter of Time by Josephine They


Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

Historical fiction

The Chosen Man by J.G. Harold

Other fiction

Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel and
The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton (two here as well)

This year I read a lot of more non-fiction and I think this trend will continue. The classics are always there to be read so hopefully a few more this year. I love historical fiction so they will be on for 2015 as well.


  1. The Hare with the Amber Eyes was also a favorite the year I've read it. In 2015 I want to increase the number of non-fiction I read!

    1. Yes, there are so many good non-fiction books out there, just not enough time to read them all!