Monday, 15 December 2014

TBR Pile Challenge 2015

You see how far my promises go? I said I would not participate in any challenges...and here I am at the first possible time. Having said that, it does go with my personal challenge of lowering my TBR shelves. As you might remember I have entered into a 'Connected Reading' challenge, where I follow a lead from one book to the next. Two 'files' are to be followed, and all of the books have to be taken from my TBR shelves or from the public library. So this challenge really goes very well with Roof Beam Reader TBR challenge.

The challenge is back for its sixth year! You have to choose 12 books, plus 2 extras just in case you can't go on with the chosen ones, from your TBR shelves. They have to be published before 2014. To participate, go to the page linked above and link your own page with your chosen books.

Here are my books in no specific order:

  1. Nine Parts of Desire (1995) by Geraldine Brooks
  2. The City of Fallen Angels (2005) by John Berendt
  3. Tales of the Unexpected (1979) by Roald Dahl
  4. The Children's Book (2009) by A.S. Byatt
  5. The Prague Cemetery (2010) by Umberto Eco
  6. Five Quarters of the Orange (2001) by Joanne Harris
  7. Decline and Fall (1928) by Evelyn Waugh
  8. Women in Love (1921) by D.H. Lawrence
  9. The Go Between (1953) by L.P. Hartley
  10. The Sun Also Rises (1927) by Ernest Hemingway
  11. The Fourth King (1986) by Glen Petrie
  12. Sarum (1987) by Edward Rutherford
Two extras:

  1. Homecoming (2008) by Bernard Schlink
  2. Sea Glass (2002) by Anita Shreve

None of them too difficult, so I am hopeful that they will all be finished, together with a few others. I have to lower the number of these books before buying anything again. Mind you, I do download e-books, mostly for free or very cheaply. But you know, I don't see them in the book case so it would be ok then, wouldn't it?

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  1. I am laughing at your comments re: e-books. I do the same and don't count them. I am in this challenge of TBR also for next year. I haven't put up a list but will pick according to mood. I read Sea Glass by Anita Shreve and absolutely loved it. Such a beautiful book. Good luck with TBR and hope I get through some also.