Thursday, 6 November 2014

Excursion in Mallorca

I am in Mallorca this week. We had a friend come to visit so we did a nice walk and some nice restaurants. Now it is time for some serious stuff. We decided to go north-east to do some trekking. Unfortunately, we choose a day which was sunny where we are in the south west to go north east. There the clouds we getting very dark, thunder in the distance and when we were ready to go for our walk the rain started to come. We saw a wonderful rainbow though.

Looking where the sun was we decided to continue eastwards. It seemed that once we reached the places it was getting darker too. However, we started on our tour over the mountains (hills my husband would say who is Austrian). Once on top of the first one, with a heavy wind, which you can see on the picture below, it started to rain. Just to go back again.

We decided to take a break in a nearby restaurant. Some tapas helped us gather new energy, and once they were done, the weather improved. I could see the tower we wanted to visit from the restaurant.

You will see the tower in the back!

We took another way and ended up walking quite a bit to come down to the beach. From there we went over the mountains...I mean the hills, up an down, up and down. I said to Martin that if the tower is not on the next hill I will go back. It was like taking step exercises in a gym, although the steps were more irregular and BIGGER! Finally made it though. It is a wonderful tower, fantastic view from the top. It was quite a struggle through old stone steps (very high). At one stage I had to help my leg reaching the next step! It ended in a wooden ladder. Rather solid I am happy to say, so I could make it to the top. It was all worth it. Absolutely fantastic view all around the landscape: sea and hills in all directions. And...on top of the tower an old rusty canon.

Here seen with my not so rusty husband!

As you can see the blue sky took over totally and we had a wonderful day and walk. The air is so fresh now in the autumn. Although temperatures dropped from 25-30 degrees to 15 (I am talking Celsius here) you feel the chillness, but the air is just sooooo fresh.  Here some more pictures to make you jealous.

Now we have eaten a lovely dinner and will have an early night. I feel totally knocked out after this walk today. How will it be tomorrow? I did some stretching so hopefully I will be ok. We took a walk along the waterfront which is lovely. You can either go directly down to the beach or where there is no beach there are some stone steps down. All very 1950s or 60s. Photos tomorrow and some more info on Port de Pollensa where we are staying. It is even said that in the hotel where we are staying Agatha Christie MIGHT have stayed! She did write something called Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories  so might have been inspired from here. 

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