Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Els Calderers - a flair of times passed by

Els Calderers
We have been to Mallorca regularly for about 12 years. Still, after all this time, we find places,
houses, restaurants, beaches and much more where we never visited. This time we made an excursion to Els Calderers. It has been on my list to do for a long time. It is a manor house that has been in the same family for many years. The present building is in the style from around 1750. The family has now opened the house as a museum and for that we can only be grateful.

The office (I am envious of course!)
It was once one of the largest wine estates in Mallorca. As so many other wine farmers in
Europe they were caught up by the wine louse, phylloxera, which came from the United States some time around 1860. The vine had to be taken away and it was replaced by more traditional farming.

The inner yard in autumn colours
The tour around the house is lovely and you are transported back in time (even if this is not the Outlander). The furniture and the traditional work tools from this time can be seen in the house, attic and cellar. It is very well kept and has one thing that I just adore; an inner garden!

The garden is big and houses animals and also traditional houses which was needed for the self produced households that was necessary for the times; barns, butchers house, stable, wagons, storage areas and so on. I could have moved in right away.

Enjoy the photos!

The kitchen

The dining room

I wouldn't mind this reading place!

A chapel of their own

The Bible

The wine cellar

The music room

The bedroom

The storage area for grains and seeds
At the back of the house was a lovely place with a circle in the middle and trees planted around it. Outside the tree circle they had some old fashioned torches, wonderfully made. A iron basket on a pole and inside fire wood. I would love to see it lighted on a party evening!

Going round the house on the back to come into one part of the garden

The circle of trees. Maybe it was used for dancing or playing?

The torches!

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