Friday, 17 October 2014

Cook & Book

When you look at Pinterest you often find fantastic pictures from the most beautiful book shops in the
world. Most of the time they are too far away from us all. However, we have one in Brussels, which I have also seen on such a site. I am planning an article for our Swedish paper here in Brussels, so Karin and I set out last week.

As you might guess from the title that the shop is also a restaurant, or many. Each room in the shop is dedicated to different kind of books (cooking books, travel books, comic strips, music etc) and differently decorated. Just sit down where your mood takes you.

We went for the travel books, and in the middle of the room is a caravan, where you can also sit an eat inside. The food is nice and as said the surroundings inspiring.
Comic strip area

Inside the caravan
After lunch we went over to the other shop. Yes, it seems there are two, which Karin told me. I was always sorry that they did not have any books in English! Well, here they are, together with cook books. There are also wonderful rooms and for sure this is where I am heading next time.

Cook book section

English book section! Doesn't it
look inviting?
It is very difficult for me to go inside a book shop and not buy anything. This time was no exception. I came out with two books:  The Master of Bruges by Terence Morgan and Amsterdam - A History of the World’s Most Liberal City by Russell Shorto. They look and sound very promising and I will return with a review, once I have read them.

Enjoy the photos. Which is your favourite/beautiful book shop in your vicinity?

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