Thursday, 2 October 2014


My friend Lena had managed to get tickets to Cabaret at the National Theatre in Brussels. We were there yesterday and had a fantastic evening with the wonderful songs from this musical. I have only seen the movie version with Liza Minelli before and that was many years ago. It is always fantastic to see the musicals live.

The musical is based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin and tells the story of an innocent american, coming to Berling in the 1930s to write a novel and all the various people he meet there. It is semi-autobiographical, and contains several short stories on the life of people he met in
pre-Nazi Germany.

It was made into a musical in 1966 and filmed in 1972.


  1. I remember the film with Liza Minnelli in it as well; I was so entranced with her, that I even wore blue nail polish for awhile. Believe me, it looked far better on her!

    I'm glad you could see the performance in real life. That would have to be the best way!

  2. Well, today, blue nail polish would be very modern. You were before your time!
    Yes, a live performance is always great.