Thursday, 1 November 2012

Where are you reading?

 Trish, Kailana and Lisa are asking where we are reading? I read almost everywhere! When I am in Mallorca, which I was last week, my favourite place is a corner on the terrace.
My reading corner
...and the view!
Here is where I read!

This is my beautiful reading corner when I am in Mallorca. It is nice in the summer heat because the sun does only come this far in the evening. In the winter it is not so but on a normal, nice winter day in Mallorca (and they are normally quite nice) it is still a pleasure to sit here.
Book shop to recommend
I also have to share with you a wonderful reading place I found this time. If you ever come to Mallorca you have to visit the 'Fine Books' shop (and maps) in the old city of Palma. Adress: Calle Morey 7 (off Plaza Santa Eulalia). It is an absolutely wonderful place. It made me think of the 'Cemetery of Forgotten Books' in Carlos Ruiz Zafón's book 'The Shadow of the Wind'. The shop has four or five level and in every room every corner there is a book case with books. It is like a Labyrinth and you are lucky if you find your way up from the damp cellar to the light from the entrance door. I do not know how long the books will survive in the damp but there they are. The owner - an Englishman - says he has 70.000 books. I believe him. You can get lost in translation here. He also buys books - of course - and you can always bring a book and exchange it for another one. Don't miss this place. Next time I go I will take a photo and show you.

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