Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Twilight Saga

What can I say? I am hooked! Who could believe this? Not me at least. I was never the one liking vampire books or even the idea. But this is something totally different. I did read 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker recently and found it rather interesting in spite of everything. To read the 'real' story instead of watching all the movies. I am also in the process since some time to read 'The Historian' by Elisabeth Kostova which has a vampire theme. Haven't finished it yet, but sure will do soon.

It was pure coincidence that I got into the books. They showed the three movies on three consecutive days on the TV. Only managed to see the two first but that was it! I had a craving for reading the books. Now I have just finished the second one and am starting directly with the third one.

I don't really know why it is so fascinating and why I get so into the story and the characters. Maybe the theme of eternal love! A love story that conquers everything. The story is simple. Bella comes to live with her father in a small town in northern US. This small, rather boring place turns out not to be so boring after all. Not only is it full of vampires but also of werewolves! One of each happen to be Bella's best friends. But surprise, surprise, both sides are in the end rather good and decent people.

The first two books evolves over a rather short time. We follow Bella in school and private life, with her friends and family. She is a very strong character and nothing seems to surprise her really. Maybe the fascination comes with the fact that the whole story seems to be set above the trivial things of everyday life.

Looking forward to the two last books and then of course I have to see the movies!

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