Monday, 19 March 2018

Bookmark Monday

I am joining Guiltless Reading for Bookmark Monday.

On Thursday I went to Passa Porta, which is an international book shop here in Brussels. Visiting author was John Banville. I bought four of his books, which he kindly signed.

When buying a book at the book shop, you get a bookmark and this is my sample of a Monday bookmark this week.

As you see, I bought Mrs Osmond by John Banville and got his signature. It was a joy to read.  More will come on the evening and the interview and the new books.


  1. I always enjoy your Bookmark Mondays, Lisbeth. It's fun to see what different kinds of things are there. Maybe I'll have to show some of mine one day.

    1. It seems there are something there for each theme. I really enjoy looking for bookmarks when I am travelling and/or visiting places. The best thing is, they don't take a lot of space! I am eagerly awaiting to see your collection.