Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Odyssey by Homer

For my literature course I read The Odyssey by Homer. I must say that I dreaded it a little bit, but found it quite fresh and interesting. Not to mention very dramatic. The Odyssey is about Odysseus' troublesome journey back from the war in Troy, described in The Iliad. He upset Poseidon by blinding his son and was thus prevented from reaching his home.

After seven years of captivation by Calypso, Minerva persuaded her fellow gods that he should be let out of captivity and allowed to return home. Even so he had to fight for three years before he reached Ithaca, where his wife was 'under siege' by suitors. Once Odysseus were at home he killed off the suitors and reunited with his wife.

Well, that is a rather simple summary of the story. It is very dramatic and I am quite fascinated by the story as such. The involvement of the Greek gods in man's lives and how they control it. Even so, they also fight in between themselves. It was certainly different times and seems rather violent to us today. It is beautifully written and the stories of the various monsters, sirens and others wanting to prevent Odysseus from going home are classic.

Reading this kind of literature you can understand why they have survived. Beautiful prose, a variety of characters, exciting stories and a glimpse of life 2.500 years ago. Or even longer...!

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