Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Reading Woman

Yesterday, on a very nice, sunny day here in Brussels, I went downtown. It does not happen that often. The trees are changing their colours so you could get quite some nice photos. Passing by the Museum of Art I went into their shop. I really love museum shops. They have so many beautiful things and if you are looking for presents it is perfect.

This time I found a present for myself. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I am a fan of notebooks. I have therefore put a ban on myself, not to buy any more until I have used the ones I have. It is a little bit like books. I can't resist them when I see something I love. Yes, you are right. I did buy another one. Not a notebook but a calendar.

It is call The Reading Woman - 2018 Engagement calendar. The cover is beautiful, and the calendar is filled with paintings of women, not always reading. However, each painting come with a quote connected to books.

I will use this one to note what I am reading and when. It will also come in handy to plan my blog posts. I always try to be disciplined, but it somehow does not work. Could this be the solution? I don't know, but will certainly try. In the end there is a 2019 planner and Notes & Expenses for each month. I am not sure I want to put down the figures I spend on books, so I might just use it for notes.

Can't wait to use it. Do you have a special system how to plan your posts? A special notebook or calendar? I guess many people just use electronic devices, but I kind of like the idea of having a book in my hand, even if it is just a notebook!


  1. I always use a daily calendar/diary like this for my appointments and such but I am especially fond of the design and theme of the one you found.

    How do I plan my posts? I guess they just come. When I get an idea or photos I think I might use to write a photo essay, I put it in blogger in draft for, upload pix, put down ideas and review it relatively often, moving it to the top if I think it has some legs to it and deleting if it I'm losing interest in the idea. Interesting question. (And I just love what you found for you!)

    1. Just love it. If it will work I don't know. I tend to write the posts when I feel like it. However, I feel it is good to have a few posts up the sleeve when life is to busy to sit down and write. It hardly happens. Hopelessly undisciplined! Let's hope this beautiful calendar will do it for me.