Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Breaking routines

Summer is normally the time when routines are broken. You go on holiday, enjoy the sun, relax and have time to read more books. For me, this summer is something out of the extraordinary, and not exactly relaxed, even if it has been enjoyable in another way.

View from our flat, over the limestone quarry 
First of all my son is home from his studies. Always very nice, but it means that my office is gone! Yes, I have made his bedroom my office and now he has taken it back.  I have moved to the dining room table with my laptop, which means running around for things I normally have around my desk, taking all the more time to do simple things. But, I am not complaining, having him around is a bliss.

My new desk (with possibility to change the
height electronically), here as a
temporary eating table

Another thing that has broken my routines is that we have bought two flats in Sweden; one for us and one for our son. That generates a lot of administration and travels back and forth, not to talk about furnishing them. Great fun, but a lot of work and carrying furniture and boxes! My body is aching from head to toes! I have really enjoyed planning and decorating our flat and I think it will be very light, airy and comfortable once it is ready. Fantastic to move into something quite new, after living in an old house, although renovated, for many years. We are still to stay on here in Belgium for some years though.

Book shelves and new reading corner

As you can imagine there has been no time for either reading or blogging. I have managed to finish one book, The Rare and the Beautiful by Cressida Connolly, a biography about the Garman sisters. Fascinating book and a review will come. Now I have started K is for Killer by Sue Grafton. It is one of her Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Series. I remember reading some when I was younger, and found this one in a second hand shop. Each book starts with a letter and title. Today she has reached as far as X.

Well, time for me to go back to packing some more boxes. Maybe I will also manage to continue reading about Kinsey's K murder mystery!

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  1. What a lovely post! I'm thinking, though, that those book shelves will soon be filled!

    I just wanted to thank you fro stopping by The Marmelade Gypsy and leaving such a lovely comment. I have been traveling and often with limited internet, but I'm back on for a bit. I also signed up to be a follower of your blog and look forward to many more wonderful posts.