Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Challenge update on the Classics!

Another short update on my Challenges. It regards Back to the Classics Challenge is hosted by Books and Chocolate. The rule is to choose between 3, 6 or 9 categories; I choose six: still from my TBR shelves.

19th Century Classic - Austen, Jane - Sense and Sensibility

I don't know why I have not come around to read this classic novel by Jane Austen. I loved her Pride and Prejudice and have read that one several times. I have also read Persuasion which I liked. But this novel, which many says is her best, has not been taken out of my book case. The same goes for Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park. Just means that I still have time to enjoy new books by her. 

20th Century Classic - Greene, Graham - Our Man in Havanna (Read)

I read this earlier this year, and together with his novels The Human Factor and Travels With My Aunt, Graham Greene has popped up as one of my favourite authors. Wonderful style and a humour, hard to beat. 

Classic by a Woman Author - Undset, Sigrid - Kristin Lavransdotter

This is a classic from the famous Norwegian writer Sigrid Undset. I found it in a book swapping club and am happy to finally read this, her master piece.

Classic in Translation - Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

Another classics that should have been read a long time ago. This challenge gives me the opportunity to finally bite into this rather long novel, that gave him the Nobel Prize at a very young age. My version is in Swedish. 

Classic Detective Novel - The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (Read)

Ever since I read The Moonstone I wanted to read something more by Wilkie Collins. This is one of his most famous books and it does not disappoint. I think the plot was better than The Moonstone, although it was good enough there. As you slowly, slowly come towards the end of the book and the revelation of the mystery woman in white who silently lingers in the shadows through the whole book. Somewhat of a master piece. 

Classic Short Stories - Chekhov, Anton - Five Great Short Stories

I have only read a couple of short stories before by Anton Chekov. Looking forward to read these five short stories. 

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