Monday, 30 May 2016

Mad Women by Jane Maas

This is a book I found on the book festival a while ago. I love the TV series Mad Men, so it felt natural to read this book about the women who worked there. Jane Maas describes a world very different from a lot of other work places. She, herself, seems to have been very successful, but having to dedicate most of her life to work. It was not a problem for her, since she was lucky enough to be able to work in a world she loved. Having an understanding husband and children seems to have been a must. However, she managed to combine the working world with her private sphere, although the latter got the lesser attention.

From what I understand from her book it was a really challenging, creative and interesting world, in which like minded people met. It seems that the TV series cover the mad world of advertising quite well, and there are only a few areas where Jane Maas does not recognise herself.  It is an interesting compliment to the TV series and it reminds me that I have to see the last season!

It is also a good description of the era from the 60s onwards and is written with humour. If you love the TV series, it is a good compliment to read this tale from a woman's point of view.

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