Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Best Laid Plans by Allison Brennan

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Just found book #9 in the Lucy Kincaid/Sean Rogan series, which I just love. When checking which number in the series it is,  I just realise that there is already a #10. Aren't we lucky!

Allison Brennan has written books about other characters as well, and I like them too, but this series is special. There is always a very interesting, quite intricate  story and the suspense is great, sometimes almost too much. Lucy is a FBI agent and her boyfriend Sean is a private consultant in computer technology. The system that he cannot hack into does not exist. They often work together on Lucy's assignments. Both of them have a lot of siblings and they all seem to work in the same business. A family affair one could say.

In this story Lucy and her FBI partner Barry work on a case where the husband of a congress woman is found dead in a hotel room, in a town he supposedly should not be in. He is naked and it looks like he has been with a prostitute. Not everything is what it seems and there are many leads, correct and false, threats and more deaths before the two of them manage to solve the case. Excitement along the way, I promise. The crooks are bad. There are some loose threads in the end, indication an continuation of the story in the next book, No Good Deed. Sorry, have to go and download the book. Maybe an early evening...!

The Content Reader

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