Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday bliss!

As usual on the weekend we try to take a walk in the forest, close to us. Yesterday, we made a little bit of a shopping round instead. Walking, in stead of taking the car as usual, we went to various shops along the main road. Imaging what you see when you walk, rather than taking the car. We discovered new shops and managed to buy a birthday present for a friend's 60th birthday next week.

The Content Reader

The Content Reader
Today we made it to the woods. It must have been a special day, because I have never seen so many people here. This is a popular spot for people living in Brussels. They come out here to walk in the woods and then to go for one of the many restaurants that are covering the area close to the woods.

The Content Reader
Not entirely matured blackberries!

The wood, or more like it a forest, is so huge so, once your inside and choose your own paths, you are quite on your own. A lovely day, 19 degrees C, and the autumn colours of red and yellow fight with the still green plants and trees. There were leaves everywhere, so one has to lift ones feet, not to stumble on a hidden root.

I hope that your Sunday was as relaxed as ours?


  1. And here I sit on the other side of the world in Southern Tasmania enjoying a very warm, windy spring day with everything blooming before summer. Your photos are gorgeous. I love to see what other book bloggers do in other parts of the world.

    1. Thank you! It was a lovely day. But we could do with a little bit of sunshine. Lucky you!