Sunday, 18 October 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair, 2015

Just back from two days at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It was amazing! Imaging going around a huge area with books everywhere. Well, we were not the only ones, and from time to time you really had to squeeze through people. That was, naturally, where the German speaking books were. When you entered into the international areas it was more space to move around. We covered most of what we wanted to see on Saturday and the rest we looked at today. I will write a few more posts about some of the interesting features, but here a small summary.

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On Saturday we were early! Not so many people at this time

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Lots of Halls - 1 - 11, we only visited some of them!
We started out at Hall no 3 where the German speaking books were. The Hall held a variety of fiction, and being Germany a lot, and I mean a lot of thrillers. They seem to be very popular. Other fiction both German and translations, books about travels, nature, cooking, gardening and much more.

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A German stand
There were several Halls covering international books; a huge area for Asian books with a lot of lovely stands; Indonesia was in focus during this years' Fair; European books where most countries of Europe were represented; then of course the English speaking world which covered two floors!

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The inner yard of the area
One floor of Hall 4 covered scientific and educational books. I will come back later to what was on offer here. Some great features for modern learning. A lot of new web applications for self publishing and other apps that are interesting for a book worm. Martin was looking at a few more halls, while I was resting my feet and having a nice Indian lunch. A lot of walking; from nine a.m. to nine p.m in principal! After a dinner, typical of the region, we headed back to our airbnb and had an early night.

This morning we were at the Fair at ten a.m. and were ready at around 2.30 p.m. On the Sunday, which is the last day, some of the publishers sell their books. Some people, the 'professional' ones I presume, come with small trolleys to carry the books! At the very end we bought two gardening and herb books and some beautiful, different kind of book marks. Pictures and more about that later.

Frankfurt is around four hours drive from here, so not so bad. However, I am feeling a little tired so I am heading for another, early night. There are so many things we have seen during these two days, so it takes a little bit of time to digest.

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