Monday, 7 September 2015

Long Day's Journey Into Night

This is not about Eugene O'Neill's famous play, it is about my own trip back from Sweden. Yes, it dragged on and on into, at least, the early night. There was so much traffic through Germany, and 'Stau', that is traffic jams, about every half hour. I can't really remember having had that many jams before. On top of that, the sky opened its gates from time to time. Not even the wipers had a chance. I made it home safely, which is the main thing.

The Content Reader

One good thing, when you are on the road for a long time, is that you can listen to an audio book. I think I started this book last September, when I was on my way from Sweden to Belgium. Hmm, one year later I finished it. It is a Swedish book 'Hästen från Porten' by Carina Burman (The Horse from the Gate, however, Porten in this title refer to the Ottoman Empire). It is a historical novel (which I love) and the author is reading herself. I have read one book by her before. I think it was one of her first books of fiction which was highly praised, and I remember liking it. She is also a literature critic and has written a lot of non-fiction literature. This is the third book about Euthanasia Bondeson, although it seems they can all be read separately. Euthanasia is a lady traveller during the 19th century. She is also a little bit of a private detective and here she runs into an old friend from London, also a detective and spy. What starts out as a theft of a beautiful arab horse in the desert ends in international politics in Konstantinopel (Istanbul).

I don't really know what to think about the book. From time to time I found it slightly boring, but from time to time quite exciting and interesting. Mostly, I know if I like a book or not, but this is one of the books that puzzles me. But, since I have been thinking of it since yesterday, and today when I was out driving I missed it, it might mean that I rather liked it after all.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is an audio book. I am very divided when it comes to audio books. I am not totally comfortable with them, preferring to read rather than listen. It is perfect though when you are driving a long way, cleaning, running, walking or whatever you are doing which prevent you from having a book in your hands. Yes, I must say that for a longer car journey it is perfect.

This is only my second audio book, so must give it a few more chances. What do you think about audio books? A lot of you seem to listen regularly.

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