Sunday, 5 July 2015

Book Blogger Hop

Following Elizabeth's blog over at  Silver's Reviews I found a reference to the Book Blogger Hop on "Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer". Each week a question about books is asked for you to answer and link back to the page. This weeks question is:

"Do you lend your books out to friends and family?"

My answer is YES! I am bad at keeping track so I rely on the lender to give it back to me. Or, I might say, you can keep it or give it to somebody else. I like to share my favourite books with other people. They might not always like it as I do, but there will always be a little bit of discussion around it.

What about you?


  1. I share my books too and keep a list of who has what.

    I won't lend a few books out just because I don't want anything happening to them. :)

    ENJOY your day.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  2. I only lend books I don't want back - in other words, I give them away. If I don't do that, I donate them to the library or swap them. There are a few books that are very special to me that I keep in a special place and don't lend, give away, donate or swap.