Sunday, 23 February 2014

A visit to Stralsund

I took the car and drove to Stralsund in Germany to enjoy a fantastic city. Full of beautiful houses from Medieval times and later as well. You simply walk around in history and blogging seems a little bit out of tune! This was former a part of Sweden (we had occupied it in 1630 and received it 'legally' after the Thirty Year War and the peace in Westphalia in 1648). It was our great king Gustaf II Adolf who managed this. Yes, this is what we used to call them when they managed to add some more land to the original country. Luckily we are wiser now and come as peaceful tourists.

Here some pictures of the beautiful houses. Those with the imposing top part of the building is typical 'Giebelhäuser' (gabled houses) and there are many of them.

I will tell you more of the history when I return home but I just want to share some of my photos with your in the meantime.

Rathouse (Town Hall)

An this is the inside of the
Town Hall. It is open in all
four directions 
One of the two last toll gates. Originally
there were ten of them. To the right a restaurant
with the honourable opening year of 1281. Turns
out they have rebuilt the restaurant in the
1970s to look like it did in the old days! So
much for thinking you are eating
in a historical house.

Typical Giebelhäuser

Another type of house

A gabled house for modern use as well. A book shop!
Very conveniently.

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