Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Black Ops. Inc. Series by Cindy Gerard

One day during my two week 'not feeling well' time when scrolling down my bookmarks on book blogs I came into the forgotten site of 'Xoxo After Dark' ( There is a free read section. Mostly Fantasy and Romance and not always to my liking but from time to time something pops up. And this series did. You normally have a limited time to read them free directly from the internet.

This Black Ops. Inc. series remind me of Alison Brennan's books on the Kincaid family. It is the same easy read, very thrilling stories and a little bit of romance in between. This series is about a bunch of tough, brave and gorgeous men and women who fight for the good side! Yes, it is a lot about the good guys and the bad guys. The series start in Sierra Leone where our guys are on a mission with their special forces group. One of them dies in the attack. This makes them think of what they are doing especially since they suspect that he died by foul play.

Back in the US to bury their friend they meet his parents Ann and Robert and his sister Stephanie. The parents state that they are all their son's brothers in arms and now they consider the group to be part of their family too. Since they are now fed up with their work and want to quite one of the guys decides to start the group Black Ops. Inc. as a contractor for protection and security. Of course all the other guys agree to work with him. In principal they work for the US government but unofficially and there will be no help if anything goes wrong! They are based in Argentina and each book covers one mission but it takes you not only to Argentina but Sierra Leone, Colombia, El Salvador, Indonesia and the US. The bad guys are all from drug lords, to kidnappers, to weapon smugglers or human traffickers. The stories are violent and sometimes it is even difficult to read when you see such evil in people. Each book is also centred on one of the guys and the woman he falls in love with. Each book finishes with an Epilogue where they all meet up with their 'adopted' parents mostly in their place. And every time there is another woman added to the group!

Well, like it is with these kind of series, if you like the first book you just have to continue. Once the book is finished you feel like loosing a friend and once you start the next it is like finding the friend again. However, I like that there at least is an ending. Having read 6 books I am now heading for the last one 'Last Man Standing'. From the teaser it seems we will finally know what happened in Sierra Leone in the first book. Knotting it all together. So if you are on for an easy read I can recommend these ones. Look in my reading list for the titles. As far as ebooks are concerned the first six books are available as a volume I and II.

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