Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Love Me To Death by Allison Brennan

It seems that every time I now go into the Kobo books web-site I find another book to purchase. Perfect with the E-Reader, then you can start reading right away. The summary of the latest book in the series of Lucy Kincaid 'Stolen' by Allison Brennan drew my attention. I realised quickly that this is a series so looked for the first book. I downloaded 'Love Me To Death' and finished it over two days. This was really a surprisingly good suspense book.

It tells the story of Lucy Kincaid, her PI boyfriend to be Sean Rogan, FBI agent Noah Armstrong, other family members and agents. Such a book could easily become a cliché but Allison Brennan manages to keep the whole book within all limits. While reading I was thinking of good old fashioned thriller books 'noir' like the books of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Mike Hammer and filmed versions like 'The Maltese Falcon' and 'The Big Sleep'.  The story is really exciting and is moving forward all the time. 

We get to know that six years earlier Lucy Kincaid was held hostage, beaten, raped, filmed for videos to use on the internet and almost died in the process. She came out of it alive and has spent the last six years to get over her trauma. She now has her university degree in computer science and psychology, is working on voluntary bases with an organisation helping abused women and is dreaming about an FBI job. All her family is already working with law enforcement and her boyfriend to be is a partner with her brother in a security firm which is on a borderline  between legal and illegal activities. 

The story starts when one of her abusers who came out of prison after only six years is killed in a way that seems like an execution. FBI agent Noah Armstrong get the job to try to find out what happened. Parallel Lucy has a voluntary job with an organisation that tries to track sex criminals who have been let out of prison. Normally these offenders should register as such where they are now living. In most cases this is not done and they continue to abuse. Her job is to find them via chat sites and set up a meeting. Once the meeting is set up they will arrest them and use the chat as evidence and put them back in prison. Just by chance she finds out that half of the people she has been monitoring has been killed rather than arrested. On top of this somebody is stalking her.

It might sound like a simple story but it is very well told and is really exciting. The characters are well drawn and all stay within limits and do not crumble to clichés. The story is told from different persons angles and perspectives which also adds to the thrilling sense. I can really recommend this one and it is just a matter of a short time before I buy and download the second one 'Kiss Me Kill Me'. 

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